I have a question :(


Please I Need a ASAP Answer :(

Why is it , my phone galaxy ace is in 30% battery , and when i charged it. within 30 mins. and i removed the charger. it says full battery unplug the charger. :( im wondering why is it like that :(


Android Expert
Might be a calibration problem, are you rooted?
Search on the net for methods for callibrating battery, might help you.

The battery cannot be charged from 30-100 in just 30minutes, next time you charge, ignore the notification, let it charge for at least 1 hour.
It takes my phone 2 hrs to charge from complete 0 to 100%.


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I am not sure what is causing the problem with your battery, but perhaps it is just a bad battery, and you may need to purchase a new one. If you look under the battery heading in settings, you may be able to check your battery health.