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I have been looking and looking...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Fluffy126577, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Fluffy126577

    Fluffy126577 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    OK Forum... I need some much needed help.

    I have been attempting to search (on and off this site) and still have not found what I need. Ever since switching to the Note II, the YouTube app has been VERY disappointing. I came from a RAZR and had NO issues on my current WiFi set-up in my home. So, I know it isn't that. Every time I watch a video it buffers... and buffers... and plays then buffers again.

    Has anyone else came into this issue? If so can you please tell me how to fix this issue? When I go in through the Task Manager and close everything down it works like a charm; but then starts right back up. I watch A LOT of YouTube, especially at night before bed.

    Please help a android brother out???? :(

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  2. mrpnut


    I have that issue too, I'm on sprint so I only have 3g in my house so I use my 4g wifi and I still get the buffering so wat I do is just watch the you tube videos with out hd sucks but when I'm in 4g area you tube plays good.
  3. ceva321

    ceva321 Android Enthusiast

    i must say that my YouTube on my GN2 is flawless, below is a screenshot, once in a while i might get that "loading" icon but not enough to bother me.......verizon here lte NYC

    Screenshot_2013-01-02-21-40-01 by Ceva321, on Flickr
  4. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Android Expert

    I have no issues with my home WiFi network. Can play all HD youtube vids flawlessly with no buffering. Only time I experience anything like it would be a service disruption in my area (which is uncommon).
  5. lcneed

    lcneed Android Enthusiast

    I don't watch too much youtube on my phone, but the few times I tried it, it was fine. No buffering in the middle. Youtube also works with the stock browser. You could try it there and see if there is any difference.
  6. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Android Enthusiast

    I had trouble with YouTube when I had power saving mode on. Disabled that and now I don't seem to have any issues. Not sure if that could be the problem or whatever was wrong fixed itself around that time.
  7. Fluffy126577

    Fluffy126577 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Power Save mode is off, I appreciate all the responses. I cleared some stuff that I don't use anymore that I put on the phone to see if that helps. :)
  8. 10sNinja

    10sNinja Newbie

    I'm with Rogers LTE in Canada, never had a problem with youtube on Note 2 but did have it once in a while with iPhone4s. Here's hoping you found a fix. All the best for 2013. Cheers.
  9. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I think it's YouTube thats the problem.
    Mine has been buffering since the their last update.
    For the 1st month I never experienced any buffering as you described.
    Now, it's not even worth sitting thru it- hopefully they'll get it sorted out soon.
  10. BetaMan

    BetaMan Android Enthusiast

    I'm running on Verizon 4G at my house and have watched several 30+ minute long videos with NO buffering at all! It has played flawlessly on all of the videos. Is there something running in the background on your phone perhaps?
  11. almath

    almath Android Expert

    You should go into applications and uninstall updates. That will take you back to original YouTube that came on the phone which works much better then their last update. :)

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