I have google wave invite for google voice


Like the title says. I have a google wave invite that i'm looking to give away for a google voice invite. Send me a message if you are willing to trade.


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I think GV invites are probably harder to come by, since, if I understand correctly, GV doesn't give you invites to give out like Wave does.


I'm pretty sure your correct, I just signed up for voice and have been looking for a send invite button but there is nothing I can find. Oh well I'm liking google voice.


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Whoops. I stand corrected. I asked a friend of mine last night, and he said that he did, in fact, receive GV invites to give out.

So... just ignore what I said earlier. ;-)


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I've had GV for quite a while now but haven't seen where I have invites to give out yet. As soon as I do I'll gladly trade for a Wave invite because I've been patiently waiting for an invite for quite a while now. Usually they send me invites of new products in the first couple waves but I guess they forgot me this time. *sad face*