I have problem in updating my Samsung Galaxy S Advance to JB

Hi Administrator,

I have a problem updating my Samsung Galaxy S Advance to JB, as i have updated to JB once using Odin, but it was not installed completely, then i went to samsung store where they have installed 2.3.6 ginger beard only. when I asked them I have been told that my phone is not supporting to upgrade to JB, but one of my friend got the same phone he is able to update it from kies, wherein my device is not supporting and when I connected to Kies it says "Your Device's Current Firmware not supported to update via Kies" , then I asked the same to customer support they have told me that your's is INS model which we cannot update it. What is INS & INU says. please find the following details of my phone. kindly help.

GT-I9070, PDA: I9070DDLK2, Phone: I9070DDLK2, CSC: I9070ODDLJ1, Build info: fri Nov 16 14:06:09 KST 2012, Kernel Version: dpi@DELL133#2 SMP PREEMPT fri Nov 16 14:06:09 KST 2012

Thanks in advance for the support.