Root I have questions abt rooting my samsung glaxy y through pc/cp. Btw i know nothing abt these things


can you guys suggest on how to root my phone easily and yet safely.What to do before rooting? What if i fail?What are the consequences?And what applications should i install/download to increase my battery life and make my phone faster aside from rooting? i need it po as soon as possible.i want to delete the apps like latitude, places.My android version is 2.3.6. Kernel version


Please use search.
just dropped by to say that latitude and places are shortcuts for google maps.. in case u didn't know..
Rooting is good for your phone it makes your phone faster and you can access all your settings on your phone and ur able to install rooted apps .. The only consequence is just be careful from what u download and it will void your waranty. It can make ur phone brick.. To root search it to google :) i hope i heloed hit the thanks button :D