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I have taken the plunge too!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tomo1971, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Tomo1971

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    So, having spent the last few weeks thinking about getting this phone and cutting down my contracts from 2 to 1, I finally bought the One X yesterday.

    I currently have a Vodafone Bold 9900 paid for through my business account that contract has expired.

    As I missed a few apps that I used on my previous iPhone4 I bought a Desire S on a 24 month contract through 3UK. Use this mainly for tethering on the One Plan as well as a few apps that I cant get on the Bold.

    Wanting to cut down on costs as the Voda contract is now up, Ive decided to try and use one phone instead of two and am transferring my Voda number into 3UK.

    To that end, ive bought the One X Sim Free from 3UK and using my desire S SIM in it (cut down of course).

    Hope that I can get used to using a touchscreen again. Never really liked the iPhones screen, too small for my sausage fingers. The keyboard on the Bold was superb to be honest. Seems the onscreen keyboard on the One X is better so hopefully I can get used to it again.

    Another concern is the battery life. The Bold 9900 didnt have great life at first with a measly 1250Mah battery but after several OS updates it is now pretty good. Hope that peoples reports of 12 hours + of life with moderate usage are true.

    I can see so far with the One X that android is a lot more polished as it was with the Desire, really do like the 5 static icons at the bottom of the screen ala iphone.


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