I have the greatest fiancee ever!


I'm living in Afghanistan at the moment. I'm getting back in the middle of October and so have been looking at what phone I might pick up. Once I heard about the GSII I was pretty much hooked.

On the 31st I made a 99% joking comment about how awesome it would be if she would buy me the GSII and mail it over here so as soon as I was back in the states I'd have a way to call her. She didn't really comment on that so we just talked about other stuff.

So this morning (last night for her and probably most of you) she calls me up and starts to tell me about how she just had an "adventure" at the Sprint store. She went to one in NYC and tried to reserve the GSII for me. They told her that it wasn't ready for preorder and she'd have to come back another time.

Now, being the lawyer that she is she refused to accept it. She spent 15 minutes convincing them that they were going to take her money and put her down on the reservation list. On the 16th she'll be picking up the phone and mailing it out to me the following day :)

I'm sorry if this was a little long, but I'm just so happy to be marrying the most wonderful lady in the world :D


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Kadgarth - definitely a keeper. I assume you're in the military (or crazy for wanting to live in Afghanistan) but sincerely, thank you for your service. You deserve the whole galaxy lineup and more


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Sprint did not go GSM and therefore there is no source. Think about the post I responded to. I was being facetious. The OP stated he wanted the phone to have a way to contact his fiancee as soon as he returned to the states. He never implied he would be using the phone in Afghanistan and obviously it would not have coverage there.