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I have to remount the SD to be able to write to it, after a while it becomes read only.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by skylineone044, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. skylineone044

    skylineone044 Lurker
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    So. I have a 200GB sandisk card (3months old) and if I try to write to it
    (1st whith Solid Explorer) If its a small file (like a picture) its fine...But when i try a bigger file (10+MB) only 2-3MB will be written to the sd (and this applies when trying multiple files, each will be 2-3MB of the 10+...
    (2nd with ES file explorer) The whole file will be written to the sd, intact, but It is very slow (10-15MB/s, but the card is rated to be able to write 50+MB/s)
    I have given sd permission to both.

    I have root
    If I unmount the card then mount it agin, apps wont be able to read it (music player can't find music on sd, google photos the same)

    But for a few minutes I am able to write to the sd with solid explorer at full speed. Then it resets agin...

    Very strange.
    Phone: Vernee Apollo Lite

    Android: 7.1.2.  madOS 1.1

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