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Root I hope that everyone knows there are more Roms

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jfritzs2, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Sep 3, 2009

    It seems to me that there are tons of roms for the Mytouch, I know I constantly tell people to root with Cyanogen, and then suggest SuperD because I like that a bit better, but those aren't the only two out there, there are pages and pages of really popular roms out there for the Mytouch!

    These roms are were originally made for the G1, but pretty much any of these can be flashed on the Mytouch and they are great roms! Don't mind the SPL requirements, the Mytouch can handle this because it has extra internal memory and that is what required the G1 to have the Death, Danger, or Haykuro SPL, they are all the same, and the aren't needed for the Mytouch, unless specifically stated that they are. But I haven't seen any of those before.

    G1 Roms which the Mytouch uses

    Next are the specifc Mytouch Roms, which there really aren't any of because the Mytouch and the G1 have such similar specs they can run the same roms, also many developers bought the first Android phone - G1 and made roms for that phone which can also be used on the Mytouch because of similarities. And even in this list if you'll notice, these roms can be used on the G1 as well, except for AmonRa's rom, this is his actual rom, not the recovery image. This is specifically for 32B Mytouchs.

    But here are the Mytouch Roms

    Finally, I honestly don't know how the roms for Mytouch 1.2/Fender LE work in with previously listed roms, but I do know that there are listed specific roms for v1.2.

    Here they are - Mytouch v1.2/Fender LE

    Maybe someone with more knowledge about this phone and the flashing of roms to it can enlighten me and I'll edit these lists, but for now, here's what roms for for which phones. Remember the G1 and the Mytouch are basically the same just designed different so the roms are interchangeable. Good luck!


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