I is back to android Imessages stuck between


Feb 6, 2011
Just finally got rid of my iPhone and went back to android with an s4. Little issue, I'm not getting texts on my s4 from iPhone users using Imessage. Apparently the texts are going to either my mac book which I just disabled but are not getting my messages. Help is appreciated.
Ok do you have access to an iPhone can you use a friends? All you need to do is sign in with your apple Id and turn your imessages off. The link doesn't always work.
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The above suggestions won't work; I just went through this same PITA garbage.....you have to ask the sender to toggle iMessage off then text you , then toggle iMessage back on. Fixed.

* I had switched off iMessage on my iphone and called Apple to de-register my imessage from my account but neither of those worked you HAVE to do what I describe above.
Absolutely ridiculous they can just hold our messages hostage. There has to be a better solution for this and an issue must be made out of this by people like us.