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I just got 2 evo batteries and battery dock on ebay for $12

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by justinholt123, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. justinholt123

    justinholt123 Member
    Thread Starter

    They were for the touch pro2 or tilt 2 but I researched and from what i see these batteries definately work in the Evo without needing a bigger back plate.

    EDIT: here is the item mumber: 250629850592 . enter the item number and it takes you right to the auction.


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  2. zeux6

    zeux6 Member

    They are also the same batteries that the Hero uses as well. Gets me ahead of the game when I get my EVO next Saturday. I actually bought that very same package you did on ebay. I love the battery charger. I never saw the sense in paying way more than you have to. You have to be nuts not to check ebay first. You save so much money.
  3. lopezpm

    lopezpm Well-Known Member

    I got the same thing for my Hero. The batteries last pretty good. They gave me the same amount of hours as the original HTC Hero battery.
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  4. marctronixx


    for that price, i went and bought the package also.... crazy...
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  6. lopezpm

    lopezpm Well-Known Member

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  7. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed a lot of bundles on ebay for the evo for cheap.. i was thinking about buying some cause i want to gt a car charger maybe a dock etc..

    how quality are these products. will the windshield mount even stay on the window?
  8. lopezpm

    lopezpm Well-Known Member

    Read the rating and reviews of each store before ordering. The one I posted above has great ratings and they respond back to emails pretty quick.
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  9. leastbay

    leastbay Member

    I bought it too a few days ago. The only thing I dread is taking my case off and that terrible back cover.
  10. sagedil

    sagedil Android Expert

    I bought these for my Hero. Work fine in my Evo. Just bought two more so both me and my wife have two charged up spares.
  11. lopezpm

    lopezpm Well-Known Member

    just be aware a lot of things will come from hong kong so be patient with the ordering. when i got my order it took almost 2 weeks.
  12. nethed

    nethed Newbie

    I've used this since Friday, and honestly I thought the Evo would be worse on battery than it is. But its nice to have a spare extra battery in my pocket at all times, just in case. Three batteries in rotation is just about perfect, but I do echo the fears about the back case breaking apart. I've worked out that I just need to use my fingernail to pry it open along the perimeter, and then it comes off cleanly.
  13. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Android Enthusiast

    The problems with cheap batteries is that they're never like the real deal. Since there are so many copies out there on the market, its really hard to tell whats fake and what's OEM.
  14. bnaegele

    bnaegele Newbie

    Very cool. Picked one up until some real extended batteries appear.
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  15. I got mine 2 for $10 with wall charger with free shipping got 4 of them. They are after market with fake HTC logos on them. They work great however. :D
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  16. justinholt123

    justinholt123 Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the edit i wasnt thinking
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  17. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    It's the same type of charger that Seidio sells for $30. I just got one of Seidio's chargers (with 0 batteries). Whatta rip. :rolleyes:
  18. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    Yea, but for 2 for $5 you can't go too far wrong. They probably all come from the same Chinese factory anyway. For an emergency spare they're fine.
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  19. boliviano3

    boliviano3 Member

    Don't forget you can also get 8% cashback from Ebay through Bing.

    Bing Shopping
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  20. marctronixx


    thx for the link... ;)

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