Android Enthusiast
Sep 23, 2009
ummmm...so i went to settings/about phone/system updates/firmware updates and the phone actually phone an update for me...so i downloaded it and it has made some apps work again...IE:flixster...it has also added some options to the call screen (mute and speaker)...um it said something also about fixing memory leakage and battery conservation.

i know this may have been already been posted, but im on here a lot and i didnt even know about this. so this is for the uninformed out there.....

its: 1.56.651.2 (at first it would say no update available but i tried again and it found one. also, it would freeze at 11% or when the screen went black so i kept scrolling the wheel to keep backlight on and it worked yes this is a run on sentence i dont care anymore good night)
how could i have been so behind on this!? im always on this phone and forum...no no no, this update just came out yesterday! lol