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Root I just wanna see that # superuser prompt

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by actualsize, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. actualsize

    actualsize Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 23, 2012
    Back in the day, getting root on a unix box meant seeing that "#" when you were in terminal. That's all I really want, and honestly, all I've been able to see here are people who say you can root a phone by... COMPLETELY REINSTALLING IT.

    Well no joke, silly! Of course you can be the superuser if you REINSTALL THE ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM! For some reason I haven't yet fully understood, this is talked of as if it actually accomplishes something. From what I can tell, for me it will make the FM radio not work due to having the wrong set of drivers in the OS that gets installed instead. Oh, and a terminal ap that works correctly, and some interesting tools.

    Thing is, the Cricket phone didn't ship with anything inhibited in the first place, really. It does USB debugging. It allows one to install aps from the SD card slot. It even shares 3G as it's own WiFi hotspot! This isn't some crippled up iPhone by any stretch of the imagination - you can even replace the battery easily, or upgrade to a long-life with a case cover change! The only thing I gain is an opportunity to delete some junk like Photobucket, but the drawback is the "ROOTED" phone, near as I can tell, *constantly* runs as a superuser. Currently, I can just ditch Google Play and by killing a few things off after boot, have a pretty clean phone.

    So what I want to know is, are there any old-school hackers out there who would be willing to help approach this the classic way - by looking for a suid-0 executable with a backdoor or a defective driver, etc etc.. the OS image is available for inspection, surely there must be something, some hole, that allows a user to escalate their privs by some exploit after installing an ap from the SD card, given all the other flaws that almost ALL software has these days. Its just a matter of finding it.

    Also, I'd really like to tune the FM radio down to 76MHz, even though nothing is there. Apparently the M865 can do it, at least the Japanese version. I have a feeling the chip is the exact same. Another useful hack would be letting the FM radio work even without headphones - those holding the phone, in a metropolitan area quite near a high power transformer, will likely be able to get a signal anyways.

    To meet these goals, I want to get root on the CURRENTLY INSTALLED operating system. Real unix hacking, like when I was a kid. Not like just reinstalling linux.


  2. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2012
    You're in luck then. Poot is able to root this phone on stock 2.3.6 firmware. Near the bottom of the first post here there are some links. http://androidforums.com/elite-all-things-root/612914-optimus-elite-root-apk.html . Read that post, grab the one that says it supports the "One Touch 910 /ARM5", and run it. It will exploit itself all up in your kernel drivers, then write the su binary as root and have the suid bit set. It will then spit out 2 errors and tell you to reboot your phone. Those 2 errors are only there because it doesn't recognize your phone and it cant clean up after itself completely. I'm the one that wrote those error messages, I guarantee they are completely safe to ignore.

    Install the superuser app to go with the su binary, reboot your phone to take care of that cleanup stuff that Poot didn't know how to do.

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