Root I just want to run SetCPU, and a temp monitor

I am pretty happy with the stock 2.1 OTA.. But I would like to overclock the phone, and use a temp monitor to keep it safe.

I have looked around in the "all things root" and most post seem to be about putting on a different ROM.

Is there an easy way to just get Root access, and then put on SetCPU..

sorry if this is a simple thing. Its late and I am tired.. maybe I missed it.



Android Expert
Follow Fab's guide and then you should be able to install SetCPU (and any other apps requiring root)...

**EDIT** You will need to install a kernel as well to get over the Droid stock speed. Not sure how they work with a stock rom though, I've always used baked roms...

Actually, you would need to install the SPRecovery, then UPDATE TO THIS STOCK ROM WITH ROOT ACCESS, then install a custom kernel.