i know thus has been discussed before but i cant find it...help me please


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My phine isnt getting text. Just started happening today. Atleast 5 people told me that they sent me a text. Im using chompsms...anybody else have or had this problem? And is there a fix...thanks


Is your phone on airplane mode?
did you try turning your hpone off and on.
how is your reception.
Do a mock test with a phone that is right next to yours. If it doesnt go through call sprint.
Check chomp. if you turned off the notifictions for text messages when one comes in it wont notify you one came. C if the message came in but u just didnt notice it....

and lastly..... did you pay your bill? Knowing sprint if you didnt they could start turning features off till you do :).

hope this helps


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Something must be wrong with the network. I sent a few test texts from my bank this morning and they showed up about 6 hours later.
If you have problems getting texts, you need to call Sprint. They will usually just "refresh" your connection to the network, which usually fixes the problem. They will also check to see the status of their towers in the area to see if any are down.