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May 17, 2010
After the update I had two main issues with my phone still. One was syncing to my computer (Windows 7 wouldn't recognize anything at all was there) and the battery was way worse.

I think I have solved both issues!

For the computer issue I downloaded the Easytether app from the market and followed the instructions. It WORKED! I wasn't even able to complete the process on my computer (couldn't find the file it asked me to) and it worked great. Tried it several times and it recognized it every time. So for those of you still having that issue, try it.

Battery is yet to be seen today but I reinstalled appkiller yesterday and also turned off autosync (the only thing I sync is my email through K9 -- although come to think of it, do I need it on for bluetooth in my car? I haven't tried that yet, but If I do it is no big deal with the new settings widget). I still got mail alerts this morning but even if I have to check it manually it will be worth it if it helps. So far I have had the phone on and unplugged for about an hour and a half and with very light use (mostly just taking it out of sleep to check the battery, but I also checked facebook and email once) it is still at 100%. Doesn't sound like much but that was not what was happening before. It would be down to 80 automatically, so I am cautiously optimistic.

Maybe I will keep the phone after all. :) I went and checked out the Hero again yesterday at the Sprint store and I still can't stand the virtual keyboard. I couldn't even type "this is a test" without 5 errors! :lol