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I love my iOttie Dash Mount..... Textured/Uneven Dash? ~~~~Try this!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chasoscar, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Chasoscar

    Chasoscar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I cant say enough about my iOttie...... it is GREAT! Very solid construction and mine DOES STAY where you put it!!!

    My Note2 fits with a hybrid rugged case installed. I decided to test the mount on a flat surface first and just about couldnt get it off.

    The only problem I had was......... I didnt have a good flat place on my textured dash and didn’t want it on the windshield. Since I live in a very hot climate I was concerned about the suction cup drying out under the heat of the windshield if I left it permanently installed. I was looking for an easy solution so I wouldnt have to struggle to uninstall it everytime I didn’t need it in the car.

    Here’s something I decided to try that might help some of you that might have the same problem ......
    I know this may sound strange, but hear me out.
    I started thinking I also wanted a good place place for my phone on my desk and I have not purchased a dock yet. I decided to mount my iOttie suction on a piece of 6"x6" - 1/8" shower board(stiff but thin). I really like this setup because it is easy to take in and out of the car and then place on my desk. It actually looks good and is really stable both in the car and on my desk.

    Now when I go somewhere, I just toss it on the dash and it is very stable with the phone in it and when I am home it is a great mount for using the phone. The board is very lightweight but the mount w/phone installed will not topple over, has infinite positions and the base does not move when you use the phone. I love it, but you really have to try this to really appreciate how well it works both at home and in the car...... Even if you use a dock at home, this does work good in the car and now that I have this setup I don’t even need a Dock. The iOttie is the best $20 I have spent on an accessory!

  2. twister6

    twister6 Android Expert

    Pictures? I'm having a hard time imagining a piece of a shower board with a suction cup, placed on the dashboard? Wouldn't it be sliding all over the dashboard?
  3. Chasoscar

    Chasoscar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The suction cup is part of the iOttie mount and the piece it attaches to doesnt move at all..... but then I do have a textured/uneven dash not a flat/slick one. If sliding is a problem for you, you could apply a non-skid surface to the bottom. Also it doesnt have to be shower board.....that was what I had available to test the idea. It can be anything (smooth/flat/thin) Like I said, I know it sounds crazy, but it is hard to appreciate how versatile it is until you try it. Several users posted having problems with finding a good spot and it just got me to thinking. It is simple to give it a try if you ARE having a problem finding a good solid place to attach it. If you dont like it, just remove the mount and put it somewhere else.

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