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I love this phone and you should buy one.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chiral, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Chiral

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    tl; dr -----> this is an impressive piece of kit.

    This is my 2nd smartphone. My first was an LG Optimus V.

    I loved my Opti. It spoke to my inner geek: underestimated, unappreciated gem whose potential was fleshed out by a bunch of great devs. Anybody who is familiar with them knows exactly what I mean.

    When I finally accepted that it was time to move on, I wanted an Evo 3d. Had my heart set on one. Discovered that they were already discontinued and impossible to find. Sadness ensued. I wanted to stick with Vmobile, and did what I always do: a few hours of "research", an impulse buy and a few quick words of prayer.

    Same as with the Optimus, I find out that I could not have made a better choice. $175 was more than I wanted to spend, but something about the Victory spoke to me...

    So, after the fact I find that it's a 1.5ghz phone capped at 1.2; I get 8 hours of 100% load (downloading a series of 200-400mb files in background over wi-fi while playing a PSX emulator I lose 10%/hour); the OS is solid as a rock; there are already 3 GREAT devs in the community; it outbenches an SII and damn near matches an SIII with the Redspot kernel.

    I dont have enough good things to say about this phone. Pages load in browser as fast as my SO's iPhone 5 (fraction of a second). Insane battery life. Airplane mode, screen off I lose ~1% every 2 hours. No random reboots or FCs. No lag anywhere. Handles anything I can throw at it.

    My favorite parts: browser pages are stored in memory even after browser is closed & restarted, on my Optimus I'd be greeted by my home page. When I click on an embedded (non-youtube) video it asks if I want it to be handled by video player or browser. If I select browser, it downloads the freaking video! (Hurro prawnz collection). I hate front-facing cameras, so I decided to scratch out the plastic in front of it with a pocket knife. Wasnt sharp enough. Took me 45 minutes with a new pair of expensive scissors to get the job done.

    I love the way it looks. Cheap, flimsy and ugly are the last 3 words I'd use to describe it. I've had it 2 months now and my feelings havent wavered.

    Thank you to Jupiter, G60, Jerry and Samsung. I'm in love the way I loved my Optimus 3 years ago.

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