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I messed up my phone! :D. Failed Root.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Haelaeif, Oct 10, 2014.

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    Well, I do feel incredibly stupid now for all this xD
    But I tried to root my HTC 610. Obviously, first I had to unlock the bootloader, which I am unsure if I did it properly. Then I tried three methods of rooting. The first didn't work (I cannot exactly remembered what I did during the first and second methods, which I'm sure is a BIIG help.... :/ ), then the second method APPEARED to work... Until I got to installing superuser and rom manager and it told me it didn't work. The third method I tried was kingo root one click program.. The phone sat there turning on and off for about 15 minutes, and then the program told me the phone was unsupported.
    Now, I can turn my phone on and it seems to work ok - With several problems.
    1, Whenever I power on from a powered down state, it goes into boot menu. Not a major problem because if I click 'reboot' under fastboot, it launches to normal screen. However it shows ***tampered*** and ***unlocked*** at of bootloader (I havn't even looked at relocking it yet).
    2, It won't factory reset - all the 'rooted' apps (that don't work, because i'm not 'rooted') are still there. So is everything else, it doesn't launch into setup like it normally would.
    3, I can't update to the latest firmware available for my phone, it goes straight to bootloader after clicking install updates.
    4, Recovery mode doesn't work, although I know this is a problem with HTC phones, apparently... I was told by a freind I needed to delete eMMC or something, I cannot get to any recovery menu, etc to do this.
    5, My friend has a simillar problem, although slightly different and he cannot update some apps or get some apps to work, like music players - I've not tried this, but because music is my main use of the phone, I'll.. not be happy.
    Any advice on how to fix this mess.? Honestly, I don't care about rooting anymore, I just want this **** normal. If you can help me root it and guide me through installing a rom + kernal, that's ok though. But I'd rather just have it back to how it was first!

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