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i messed up!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adamdx2, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. adamdx2

    adamdx2 Lurker
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    ok so i was trying to get a new rom on the ol" phone, i downloaded the sub miui and flashed it. it loaded fine i came to an add account page and it wont let me leave. i added my google account and it just goes straight back to the add account page. I have tried to sbf factory reset with the fast boot method and it boots up into the sub miui rom. i really need help i cant fix it and i cant get it into custom recovery and i cant get to my home page to use any apps. somebody please help me i dont want to throw my phone away... im running 2.3.4 thank you, adamx2

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  2. coolpoete

    coolpoete Android Enthusiast

    There is something you are not doing right in this process. Read the instructions here in full and follow everything step by step. If you run into trouble post where and by which step you have come to a problem.
    HowTo: Perform a SBF ("factory restore") of your Motorola Droid X2 - xda-developers

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