I modified the GPS, indoor can search to seven stars



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Course start:

Preface: Chaiji tutorial I will not say more, everyone in the forum of G10 dust tutorial on the line, I am this afternoon when passing the GPS dust, strengthening the.

Materials needed: waste network cable ( wire of the earphone can do, as long as not too soft), tin or aluminum foil ( due to a small dormitory material limited, I used a box of paper, double-sided adhesive ).

The first step: the lines to peel, then bent into like this, as shown in Figure 1 ( use tweezers to bend very convenient )


Figure 1

Second step: the cable around the copper sheet by GPS, then fixed with double-sided tape, G10 removed, can only use Nokia shot, figure is unclear, but could see how I put. As shown in Figure 2

Figure 2

Note: Cable don't block the flash

Step third: cable after fixing, put a layer of glue, and then the aluminum foil or aluminum foil glued onto it. As shown in Figure 3

Figure 3

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I've seen something similar done to this before. Though I haven't done this myself others have quoted better performance after this mod along with a edited gps.conf file.