I Need a Clock/Timer with assignable alarm recommendation


Android Expert
I just got a new phone, a Galaxy S6.

My old Galaxy had an Alarm Clock/Timer that allowed me to choose the alarm and timer sounds. The new phone has a clock/timer but the sound is neither going to wake me up, or will I be able to hear it in a noisy room or if I'm not close.

So I went to the Play Store and downloaded at least a dozen that didn't do what I want. I tried searching in the forum but that soon became hopeless. Perhaps I'm not a good enough searcher.

All I want is an alarm and timer (stopwatch added is OK) that lets me choose the sound I want when the alarm clock or timer goes off.

I don't mind ads if they are small on the bottom but none of those full screen click to remove ones. I don't mind paying a few dollars for no ads.

I just want something that has basic alarm clock and timer functions that let me assign the sound. Doesn't need to be fancy and have a zillion skins or other features that I probably won't use, although I'm not opposed to that if I need to go that route.

Any suggestions?