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Dec 8, 2009
I'm trying to buy my brother an Android phone for Christmas. I want to go with Sprint because they are the cheapest carrier available with unlimited data and text and 450 minutes for $70/month. I don't know whether to get the Samsung Moment or HTC Hero! I love the way the Hero looks and all the cool widgets but I heard it's sluggish. I don't know much about the Moment, I'm doing some research right now but I don't know if that has the same specs or what.

My brother texts pretty much all of the time, he's got a current touch screen standard phone (don't know what the point of that is) and so I don't think he'd care if the phone had just a virtual keyboard (although the option of both is nice). I'm trying to make a decision based on reviews and such but which one would be more future proof and would be more enjoyable to use?
I have the Sprint Hero and its not sluggish at all. There are review videos out there that show it with an older Hero and the lag has been fixed.

Coming from a Mogul that had a physical keyboard I can say that it honestly doesnt matter, the Hero on screen keyboard is quite nice and with auto complete/correct and practice it becomes a lot easier to me than the physical keyboard.