Help I need help! :(


Hi, I just activated a Samsung Galaxy S2. There is a game that comes with the phone called Nova. After opening it, it failed to download content once, so I ignored the game and did something else. I then find the game to be using my battery, around 30% of battery usage. Checking task manager, and app killer, I couldn't find the game running, but is still using battery. How can I fix this?


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how about settings/applications/running services?
there's also a useful app u can find on the market called android assistant, free


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In your S2's Task Manager you'll find a label called RAM. Hit that and hit Clear Memory.

Failing that try Menu/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications

Find the app and hit Force Stop or uninstall it if you don't really want it.

I'm no expert but either of these solutions may work and will not do any harm