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Support I need insight as to whats wrong with my speaker/sound... Defective phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Roadblock, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2010

    Jun 1, 2010
    I bought my EVO on launch day, hardware rev 002... I have had NO ISSUES with this phone other then the corrupted SD card which was fixed with a patch.

    I've been fully rooted since the root came out. Few weeks back I upgraded from Fresh Rom 0.3 to .5.3 or whatever version it was and the next day I lost sound from my speaker.

    No audio for videos, ringers, app sounds, nothing. I also noticed that when the phone booted it no longer said FRESH!!!!! as it loaded.

    Someone suggested that my ROM may have been corrupted at download, hence a bad flash. I downloaded it again, checked the hash this time and re-flashed and this IMMEDIATELY fixed the issue. No problems since then. Previous to re-flashing, I tried rebooting repeatedly but this did not help, only the re-flash did.

    Fast forward in time, I'm now I'm on Fresh ROM 1.0.1 and everything's been good since it came out until last night, I lost sound again. I decided not to mess with it last night, I was tired and I went to bed. I woke up today, still no sound. I rebooted, no FRESH!!!! as it was booting. I got pissed and bitch slapped my phone as it was rebooting. When it got to the home screen, I had sound. As of typing this, I still have sound.

    So... Umm... Which one fixed it? The rebooting or slapping my phone? I'm now wondering if I have a loose connection to the speaker and reinstalling the first time wasn't just odd timing. Maybe handling the phone during the format and reinstall of 0.5.3 just shook something back into place and it wasn't really the reinstall at all? That said I rebooted a half dozen times before reinstalling 0.5.3 with no affect, I handled the heck out of the phone with no affect, formatting it instantly fixed it so I just assumed it was a bad flash.

    Looking for opinions and suggestions. I'm over my 30 days to return obviously so I'd probably have to warranty threw HTC or claim insurance via Sprint. If the speaker is in fact crapping out, I would assume its covered under the 1 year warranty but HTC has like 2 to 6 week turn around right now which won't work. I NEED my phone so I might get stuck swapping it out threw Sprint and paying the $100 dollars.



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