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I need KDZ HELP pls - Must re-flash. Damaged rom/os

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cognus, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. cognus

    cognus Member
    Thread Starter

    Friends I need help lest I totally nuke my Optimus :eek:

    Forgive me in advance for multiple posts but I got no responses elsewhere so trying again. My phone was bricked yesterday but with repeated tries at rebooting, it miraculously got partly back to life. It is currently running, but has damage due to me incorrectly using Root Uninstaller App. A bunch of things don't work right, starting with the home button so I don't know how to navigate around. BUT, what I must do is reflash with the latest update and start again.
    I'm not concerned about losing apps etc - I am mainly in "learn mode"

    I have the KDZ Updater, but when I tried to use it I got "phone not found".
    The phone is alive in Windows 7 - drivers installed, and in USB mode - I can browse all the folders.

    I read somewhere that "following the KDZ instructions will brick the phone"... that's a pretty alarming statement so I cannot merely experiment.
    I need someone with knowledge and experience using KDZ updater, or an accurate set of instructions - real-world. I have the rom file, the updater, and the parser [I guess that's what it is] and just need tutoring.

    thanks for the help!

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  2. NextelFoe

    NextelFoe Lurker

    Go back to the LG site you got the proggie from. There is an albeit small tut but better than nothing. Once you select the correct phone from the dropdown, it's mostly automatic. I have heard tales of folks using the Aussie SW version on their american phone, but haven't followed up on their success,:eek:
  3. cognus

    cognus Member
    Thread Starter

    thx for writing - i solved it a week ago. in my case, the rom was present, but damaged, so the 'auto' way is of no use.
    finally found a good/verified/non-buggy 'L' version and pushed it with the kdz updater. worked. all good.

    time to hack some more ;)

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