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I need people live in america to help me

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Wise11, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Wise11

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    This message I sent to support whatiapp

    They banned my account for 72 hours.now I am seeking for job I have to contact with hr mobile numbers.I sent same message to many numbers.

    This message
    your phone number is banned from using whatsapp.

    Please recover my account?why did you ban my accouny.now I am seeking for job .I must contact with companies numbers .i got from linked in account. You must see my messages and their goal not marketing but I seek for job for me I send same message with Arabic language to companies.

    Very improtant to recover my account

    My number

    Model GT-I9515

    I tried call .but my salary is finished.I live in saudi
    00 1 888-467-5549 that is their number

    They Do not reply and my money finished.


    Who can help me to call him on their number becausetc I have not money .it is too expensive to call from saudi arabis

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