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I need some help with rooting...Please Help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pacedrum69, May 25, 2010.

  1. pacedrum69

    pacedrum69 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am currently running v3 on my eris with Launcher Pro....I love the look of LP, and dont really care about Sense...I am recieving a replacement phone via Fed Ex tomorrow morning....and after i upgrade the the OTA 2.1, I would like to try rooting....I really like custonizing my phone with v3, but would like it to be faster....I have a few questions...Any feedback would be much appreciated ......

    1. It is as easy to root as installing v3?

    2. Once i do root.... is it easy to customize my phone??

    3. Will I still be able to use Launcher Pro???

    4. Is it easy to mess up my phone doing this?

    5. What ROM should I flash???

    Im really not all that computer smart, so please someone help me out.
    Thanks in Advance:thinking:

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  2. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    If you are using leak V3 now, then you already know what what OTA-2.1 behaves like. I don't see much point in installing it just to blow it away immediately, should the phone arrive with 1.5 on it.

    Depends on who you ask. The first part of the process, if done manually, is identical to what you did for leak V3. The rest of it, though, requires installing software and drivers on your PC in order to complete the process. So, yes - it is a little bit harder. If you are intimidated by using either the Windows or Linux command line, you might consider using the EMA application install sequence in order to avoid that. (You still will have to install some software and drivers).

    It doesn't disable any of the methods that you used before. I just provides more methods, some of which are quite clunky. (Meaning, you need to use a keyboard and understand the way command shells work on both your PC and on Linux (the phone) )

    no clue.

    The less you know, the greater the chance of messing something up. Yes, you could screw things up. That's one of the reasons why the phone is not shipped rooted in the first place - to protect the consumer from him/herself.

    Ivanmj's Official_1.0_OC

    You know yourself better than we do; but if you think the above statement is a fair one, you probably shouldn't be rooting your phone.

  3. pacedrum69

    pacedrum69 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I dont reall understand all thr windows/linux atuff at all...but I can follow direction pretty well, and with the proper walk through (im not that stupid lol) I would like to try it....
    What makes Ivans ROM so good???
    can i use everything on my phone that comes stock??? (nav...all my market apps??)

    Ive read a little on overclocking....how does that work??
    I really appreciate the help by the way...Im just a dumb musician :):cool:
  4. pacedrum69

    pacedrum69 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    anyone?? I will pay for help with this....getting my replacement tomorrow.... PLEASE HELP ... I WANT ROOT ;)
  5. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Android Enthusiast

    I am on leak v3 no root, do you anyone know of a 2.1 Root rom I could install ? (or if its even possible) - PLEASE HELP
  6. theEastonator

    theEastonator Newbie

    Not possible.
    Joe Eris likes this.
  7. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Android Enthusiast

    That sux. How about when the 2.2 leak becomes available, do you think it will run/be installable on an eris w/ 2.1 v3

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