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I need your help! Please assist me to find this app!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AndrewKonamer, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. AndrewKonamer

    AndrewKonamer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys!
    I was surfing the internet and found one website with free online games. Frankly speaking, I was playing it non-stop for 5 hours. I could not stop LOL However after one ad appeared and I opened it by mistake. So I LOST that online game.
    I have checked my browser history - nothing.
    Only made one stupid screenshot. Please have a look maybe you know from which website it is?
    Please assist. Cheers!

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Can you describe the game?

    You can also do a search for something similar to 'free on-line games' and see what comes up.
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  3. AndrewKonamer

    AndrewKonamer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Tried however it did not help. There were free online games without download and registration
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    The screenshot is a customised "404", i.e. "page not found" message. The site that is from is whatever site you were looking at when you took the screenshot. What it's telling you is that you had asked for a page within that site that did not exist.

    In other words, if somebody could identify that site from the screenshot it wouldn't tell you anything that wasn't in the address bar of your browser at the time you took the screenshot. It would tell you what site you were on, but not where within that site you could find the game you were looking for.
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  5. Stefan476

    Stefan476 Lurker

    Maybe you remember what colour the platform is or its logo?? or maybe at least a small part of its URL address
  6. AndrewKonamer

    AndrewKonamer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    At least the website. It will be more than enough. I think that there I will find the game without any problems since it was on the first page.

    The logo and the colors of the platform was the same as on the screenshot - from yellow to orange. Frankly speaking I do not remember any parts of the URL, however there I saw some chemistry laboratory with poison or smth like that. I would appreciate if you help me
  7. Stefan476

    Stefan476 Lurker

    Andrew, I wish I were so lucky as you !!
    I have just passed by my father and saw him playing games on the website of orange colour..
    When I came closer I saw that it looks quite similar to the photo you have posted above.
    So, I will leave here a link to this website, may be it is what you are looking for - https://pokieslab.com/.
    I hope it will help you :)
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  8. AndrewKonamer

    AndrewKonamer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I was looking for this website, thanks a lot.
    Have a good day! Now it is gaming time lol One more step is to find that game, i think it is not so big deal and it will be easier
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  9. Stefan476

    Stefan476 Lurker

    Wish you good luck!!
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  10. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Can't believe someone found it!

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