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I posted some GPS issues I was havingfor those having When I bought the mome itIback!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vinscuzzy, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Sorry about the thread title, tried to edit it but it wont stick.......

    When I purchased the moment I already knew about its lack of aGPS and possible small GPS antenna. So when I got home and had terrible performance, I wasn't suprised. Then it got worse where it would see the satellites, but never lock on them. If I left it outside for like 5 minutes it would get a lock, but driving would result in jumping all over google maps, and constant recalcualting routes in sprint navi. I put up with it for like 3 days and finally had enough, took it back, and got a new one. What a HUGE difference. Its still by no means as good as it was on the pre, or diamond, or mogul, but it was MUCH better than my previous moment. I can actually get a signal indoors most of the time now, and navigation doesn't jump around or report false locations. I haven't enabled the wireless networks yet in settings, and I'm sure if I do it'll still say I'm in africa, but in all cases the GPS is working much better. Just thought id give everyone a heads up with my experience..........

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