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I realy need help with my lg g2 "LG-D802" 32GB

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android guy456, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Android guy456

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    I have a "semi rooted" phone, it says i have root acces but i don't have it. thats not my main problem, my main problem is that i can't open download and recovery mode, im am trying to fully reset it to get rid of the "semi root" with this file: "Europe OPEN D80220H_00.kdz" but since i can't go to download mode i can't fully reset it. Appologies for my bad English, but i realy need help. :)

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  2. waleedoslo

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    Try to use the boot root app from play store. After download the app open i and chopse where you wanr to boot. It will do it for you. If that dosnt work download stump root apk(search for it on google) and try to root fully with that. If it say: your device is not compatible click on bruteforcing and it will fix it for you. After doing bruteforcing fully till it say completed download autorec apk from google. Follow the step in the app. Choose TWRP. It will giv you recovery(TWRP). If you already have recovery dont worry do it again. When you get recovery from autorec you will have access to recovery mode and download mode.
    I had the same issue with my Lg g2 32 gb unlocked. I first try stump root and then apk. Always try stump root first and after it autorec or it will not work. Keep me updated ;)
  3. I would ask your phone where it draws the line between semi and root. Does it help you match your tie too? It's rooted or it isnt and most likely isnt so you can just use a basic stock recovery option would be my glass half full answer.
  4. waleedoslo

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    Sorry. Im not very good in english so I honestly dont understand what you mean. I also have a semi rooted device earlier and to fix it I use stump root tool and autorec after. Then I finally get access to recovery and download mode. After that I use back to stock method and fix it. Now I have a unrooted LG G2. But right now my LG G2 is at service because the screen disnt work anymore.

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