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I remember How I came to android

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by No_Nickname90, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. No_Nickname90

    No_Nickname90 Well-Known Member
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    My first smart phone was the Samsung Memoir. I knew I was in love with cameras then. 1 year later, I had the LG eXpo. The projector didn't come out and the UI was horrible to me since you had to use a stylus most of the time, but then I fell in love with full qwerty keyboards and Windows phones. Next was the HTC HD2. The big screen was awesome and the windows software was uber fun. But it kept freezing and I was having to reset the phone like 2-3 times every other day. So I had 2 options from there. Since I loved cameras, I was going to wait for the Nokia N8 or see what the hype was all about and try the Nexus 1. I really wanted the Nokia N8 since it had video editing software in the phone, but it was taking way to long to come out and I was tired of my freezing phone, so I got the Nexus 1 and loved it to death. I kept that phone until the Vibrant came out. I liked the Vibrant screen and camera, but I was missing my Nexus 1. If the G2 never came out, I would have went back to the Nexus 1. Android is too awesome. And so now I'm here. Waiting for the Nexus 2, or the Nexus Tab. LoL!!

    BTW, How do you make a signature after your post? I kan't seem to find the option and signatures tell you apart.

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  2. Steven58


    Go to "CP" (control panel) on the upper left and you'll see all sorts of settings there for ya!


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  3. No_Nickname90

    No_Nickname90 Well-Known Member
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    I'd knew it pop up once you told me where to look. I'm uber newb though, so it doesn't even matter. But thanks. I found it.
  4. Martimus

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