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i see nowhere to transfer phonebook via bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by demarco5, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. demarco5

    demarco5 Member
    Thread Starter

    how do i transfer phone book to the car? i see no option on phone to transfer contacts via bluetooth

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  2. GuardianAli

    GuardianAli Newbie

    That is not done by the phone..its done by the car.
    For me, i paired my android with my in car phone system. Once it synced, the car requests contact sync to your droid (which droid supports)
    Once the request is made, the droid pops up a screen saying that the bluetooth device is asking to sync contacts. Do you want to allow? And u click yes and it done.

    So there is no SEND option on the phone..but i has the ability to send/sync once its REQUESTED by the other device.
  3. bthoward

    bthoward Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened that way for me. Yes I've had phones that required sending but the droid just piped it over. Thankfully VZW isn't disabling that feature anymore on their phones.
  4. dw0095

    dw0095 Member

    I have a Pioneer headunit in my truck and my old razr used to be able to download/transfer the phonebook with no problem...when I try to connect my droid, I can pair it okay but when the headunit promps to download the phonebook, the bluetooth disconnects and it only get's three contacts transferred.

    Getting very frustrating...on the plus side, the bluetooth audio feature works great, can listen to media through my car stereo from the droid through bluetooth.

    Anybody else having this phonebook problem too?
  5. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    My Droid paired fine with my car Mercedes C350 however the car will not prompt to receive contacts. There is an option to receive business cards from the car but it will not detect my phone book in the droid. My last phone LG Venus had a Bluetooth setting which allowed me to push contacts while I simultanously enabled receive business cards on the car to get my phone book loaded. I'm at a loss here with the Droid..:thinking:
  6. reckoner

    reckoner Newbie

    I'm having a similar problem with my infiniti ex35. it connects but when it tries to download the phone book nothing happens and the car eventually says there is an error...
  7. uberjeff

    uberjeff Newbie

    I was having trouble with phone book transfer to my Pioneer navigation unit. The phone paired without issue but would not transfer the phone book. A reboot of the phone and the nav unit fixed the problem. I'm not sure which half fixed it, but to anyone having problems I would try both. My Pioneer unit was expecting a contact vcard to be transferred to the phone on the first attempt as well. After the reboot the Nav unit was able to pull the contacts without even asking for the vcard.
  8. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    The same thing is happening with my Infiniti G37.
  9. dw0095

    dw0095 Member

    Must be that the bluetooth file tranfer is disabled on the DrOID and won't allow the tranfer of the phonebook. We aren't supposed to be using our handhelds while driving in NY. I made one of my home screens for speed dials so at least I won't be talking on my phone while driving...just clicking :)
  10. lexconner

    lexconner Lurker

    Has anyone tried to pair the driod with Ford's Sync?
  11. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    I noticed some bluetooth apps in the store. Has anyone tried any of those to see it will allow us to do an object push to get the contact/phonebook over to the car?
  12. Breadman50

    Breadman50 Lurker

    This worked for me, as long as you have a download contacts option, I would think it would work regardless of brand.

    Found an easy solution to Droid phonebook issue, on my 09 Milan with nav.
    1. Downloaded "Bluetooth file transfer" app from market .
    2. Exported contacts to SD card ( in menu options within contacts)
    3. Bluetooth app is pretty easy to use, opens in file explorer style, touch and hold the contacts (.vcf) and begin transfer, should find sync, and connect if phone is already paired and you have selected add contacts on sync.
    4. Quick download of over 200 contacts, and they are all there!
    Note: I was also having lots of issues entering sync 6 digit password in phone, ( while using phone in landscape), tried it in portrait and does not close rapidly.
  13. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    I gave it a shot and even though my droid pairs with my benz c350 it will not transfer files. When I touch and hold .vcf contacts to begin transfer it takes me to another screen where I have to click on mercedes benz icon. A stop sign then appears and says something like no authorization :mad:
  14. Hey Guys,
    I have found a solution. I was having the same issue. when going to pair, the phone pairs fine with my parrot blue tooth kit for my alpine w505 indash nav. when pairing and you enter in the code to offically sync the phone with the bluetooth, look at the notifications on the phone. A quick notice comes up. if you dont open it and allow to transfer phone book then it wont. Thats what worked on mine. Kicked myself in the head for the first 5 days had the phone. then i took a peek at the notification i saw and it worked... let me know happens
  15. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I have a Pioneer AVIC headunit. You may want to check for bluetooth updates on Pioneer's site. I did mine (BT independent from system firmware update) earlier in the year. With my Motorola Q on AT&T (uses SIM card to store contacts) the AVIC would not recognize contacts stored on the SIM, only once created on phone or "Outlook" contacts.

    I did the:

    1. Export contacts to .csv file from Outlook on my PC
    2. Log into Gmail web account, import .csv file into its contacts
    3. Export "vCard" file to thumb drive adapter with my DROID's MicroSD card
    4. Import vCard file from MicroSD into Droid contacts.

    All the contacts on vCard transfered into my AVIC.
  16. kmb

    kmb Lurker

    Breadman50's instructions worked flawlessly with the Mercedes C350.
    In the car, get to the screen where you can select "receive business cards" and hit OK.
    The screen will then say 0, but leave the screen up
    Follow the above instructions and watch the 0 tick up as your contacts are populated
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  17. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    Yep it finally worked. Thanks for all the tips. My contacts 80 or so transferred to my car in seconds..
  18. mtnmarkus

    mtnmarkus Lurker

    I've had my droid for almost a week and contacts never auto-downloaded to my Alpine PND-K3msn portable GPS; a couple times I got a notification that there was a request to download (each time I approved) but no contacts ever appeared. My old POS Razr did this automatically, the one thing it was good for.

    By messing around in the settings I (somewhat accidentally) got these two fine devices to make "contact love". I hope this will work for others as well; it's something that apparently needs to be addressed in a droid update, but it works for me, for now. . .

    Settings>Wireless and Networks>Bluetooth Settings>Select the device you want to download contacts from (HOLD DOWN until new menu appears)>Options>UNCHECK "Phone" (may resist, may need to hold down for a bit)>RECHECK "Phone"

    In my case (about 120 contacts), it takes about 20 seconds, then all my contacts and call logs are available. I'm so relieved that this is possible, albeit a total pain to perform on each new connection. Like I said above, Motorola/Verizon need to work this out. Hope this helps.
  19. GDVS

    GDVS Newbie

    Thanks for the tip Breadman50, worked perfectly with my Milestone and Pioneer head unit.
  20. lemodular

    lemodular Well-Known Member

    This method didn't work on my G35. Anyone had success with an Infinti? I think it is recognizing it as a media device and not a phone. I hope there's a BT profile update with next system update.
  21. agony1003

    agony1003 Lurker

    My phone sync's with my car (land over) with no problem but when I access my phonebook I get different symbols not the names of contacts. Any ideas?
  22. doctordhd

    doctordhd Lurker

    It worked on my 2009 G37x with NAV.

    First I had to export the Contacts to the SD card

    Then on the car select Call Download.

    Then using Bluetooth File Transfer ap, I long pressed the file that was created on the SD card

    Then a window came up asking me what I wanted to do ...
    Choose Send via Bluetooth

    It then gives you a list of the Bluetooth devices that are paired with the Droid. I picked MY-CAR, which is what the G37x calls itself as a default, I think.

    The phone says connecting to device, and the car says downloading.

    It worked! THANKS!!
  23. icefred

    icefred Lurker

    I tried this and it looks like it was working but then when completed it said download failed. This is extremely annoying, anyone have any thoughts?
  24. asilver

    asilver Well-Known Member

    worked in 07 Lexus GS 350

  25. laural

    laural Lurker

    BMW 2008 328i with Nav - phonebook downloads but not all of them and they don't sort correctly. Incredibly annoying. Jim Smith may be under Smith or under Jim.

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