I set my density too high (Really need help !)


Hi, I accidentally set a screen density at 240, while my phone's original value was 160, so now I can't unlock my lock screen, since the screen is too large. I tried to boot into factory recovery mode to do a hard reset and everything went back to original expected for the screen.

Then the problem now becomes more complicated, I can't check both USB Debug and Install From Unknown Resources and I also lost SU access.

The phone that I am using is China phone, running CPU MTK6516.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix it ?


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You need to either post an exact manufacturer/model number for your device or search Google for your exact manufacturer/model to see if there is a ROM or original stock firmware you can load via recovery. I'm assuming you also have a custom recovery installed, like clockwork recovery?


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Hi jerofld, I am using a china phone model: W008+ which is running Android 2.2. Unfortunately, I don't have clockwork recovery installed in my phone, but I did try to boot into factory recovery mode. However, there was no function call recovery. I think I need to do a recovery on the computer, but I can't find who is the manufacturer of this phone in order to get a original rom.