I smashed my android, need to enable USB debugging from CMD

The screen is just shot. It actually was my mom's old android and she wants her pictures/music off of the phone. I have it plugged in, but I need to enable debugging somehow. Either through CMD like through ADB shell (which I never installed, it's not rooted, like my old android was), or could someone walk me through where to press on the screen to get it to work? Thanks so much in advance. Seriously owe ya one.

Note: It was a major POS that took like 4 hours to boot up and about 10 min. to even get to dialer. Good luck trying to make a call with that thing. I hated that phone so much I am glad I smashed it.


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My mom is saying that it was saved directly to the phone (which may account for why the phone was so ****ing slow in the first place).

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What kind of phone? I didn't think it was possible to save to the phone unless you didn't have an sdcard slot or the pictures are from mms and you didn't save them.

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It's slow because it's a Samsung moment. Everything should be on the sdcard unless the pictures are from mms and she didn't back them up. The camera automatically saves photos to the sdcard. If you mounted the phone to a computer and clicked and drag the music on the phone it is on the sdcard. If you used an application to download music it would have saved it to the sdcard. That phone only has around 250mb of storage, if you tried to put photos, music and apps on that you would be empty fast. Turning on debugging or mounting as a drive with out a screen would be next to impossible. If you pull the card i am sure you would find 95% of what you are looking for by doing a file search.


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debugging is impossible
but recovery isn't
"Simultaniously press the volume down button, green call button & red end button - hold all 3 down until SAMSUNG appears on screen and appears to be turning on")(I think may or may not be true )

boot into recovery and execute

adb pull /data C:\.....

c:\.... = path of extraction .

then start digging .

music = SD CARD
cam pics = SD CARD

ringtones will be harder to recover from /system w/o root


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You should have your answers from those who have responded. Personal files are saved to the sdcard, regardless of where your Mom thought she saved to. With the proper sdcard adapter/reader, you can salvage all of her data.

If you do not have access to an adapter/reader, you can utilize the method outlined by karandpr. This allows you to use the phone as the sdcard reader. It's a lot more manual work and lots of command-line usage, but it works. I recommend going with the adapter/reader if you haven't worked with adb much.