Root I think I bricked my Galaxy S

Hey guys, I'm new here, and I've tried looking everywhere, so I thought I'd give you guys a go. So I have had some problems lately with my Galaxy S, even with the stock firmware.
I then upgraded to darky's 10.1, everything was fine until now. All of a sudden my phone rebooted and was stuck on the Galaxy S boot screen.
Since then I've tried flashing various stock and custom roms with no avail.
My phone will boot to the initial Galaxy Logo and then turn off, and if I try and charge it (various chargers), the battery icon appears (fully drained), then it flashes off, then the battery icon appears again after a few seconds, and it continues to do so.
I've tried clearing/resetting, flashing.. but I have no idea. It has come at a really bad time because I need my phone today..
I understand I can send it off for warranty, but I think I need to flash the stock firmware... which I cant even do right now... It won't go back into recovery.
Sorry for the wall, but I hope others out there will be able to help.



Did you try to enter recovery mode?

Remove your battery, place it again in the phone :)D), hold VolumeUP + Home buttons and while holding them, press PowerON button. When recovery starts to boot up, release Power button but hold VolumeUp+Home until you are in the recovery mode.


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can you get into download mode? I had this happen to me but i had one of those faulty i9000m with the unstable internal sd. If you can get into dl mode you can atleast flash a stock rom so when you do send it away they dont make you pay for the damage.
With a phone worth $1000.00 you really are taking big risks, because when things go really bad, ultimately it is your fault.-it is illegal.

So much info is available to try, but is it reliable?
If I am being judgemental, I'm stating the facts.


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Well hey illegal or not, If my phone got screwed like that again(it has many times) then i would be flashing back stock roms and telling my provider it broke(Like I did).Who in there right mind wouldn't..


Its not illegal Samsung themselves have been providing support to help modders make custom roms they have links to them from their own web site and from reading a lot over the last few days unless the phone has a hardware fault you should be able to unbrick it with odin.

Check out for how to recover your phone you can buy the test jig to force download mode for