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I think I got my HTC EVO V 4G ($239.99) for only $189.99.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sounreal, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. sounreal

    sounreal Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm gonna try and keep this short. I called VM up to get a 10th replacement phone. I ended up getting a replacement phone, 50 bonus minutes and a credit for 1 month service ($38.XX). After that phone call I was still not happy so I think I talked to someone in the department that will cancel your account for you. I told that person Im sick of my Motorola Triumph and all of the replacements that I have been sent that have the same issues. I then said that I'm really trying to stay with Virgin Mobile and not take my business some where else. I also said that Im not trying to upgrade or downgrade my phone, I want a HTC EVO V 4G but I dont like the price thats on the website. I said I wanted some type of promo code or something. The lady said the system could give me a $50 promo code and I took it.

    Now the problems... I was on the phone for a total of about 2 maybe 2.5 hours because the promo code did not work and they had to order the phone for me. Then the next problem was the price of the phone on website once its in your cart does not match the price of the customer service departments. So had have to verify with another department the price I was seeing. Then the next problem was I guess how to make the system take the payment. Its not clear to me as to what they actually did but this all happen friday and since then my bank card has said pending for the following two amounts from Virgin Mobile $109.60 and $54.80. Aka so far thats all they have taken so far. :) And Yes in my virginmobileusa.com account they are listed as top-ups.

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  2. notebooko

    notebooko Android Enthusiast

    Uh huh....congrats...
  3. lordj

    lordj Well-Known Member

    I think after my second replacement I would've started looking at different phones.
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Where's the fun in that? I personally went through 6 replacement Triumphs in about 4 months. Some of the best fun I've ever had. ;-)
  5. euphan1555

    euphan1555 Android Enthusiast

    i wouldnt be surprised if other people follow the op lead and try to do the same thing when the new phone is released.

    since the evo is known to have a software issue it wouldnt be to hard to get vm to give some type of discount
  6. sounreal

    sounreal Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If anyone cares I got my phone on the 15th and to this day they only took $109.60 and $54.80 from my account. I'm super happy with the phone. I'm extra happy that I did not wait until after the Samsung Boost and Virgin Mobile event yesterday. Yes I get all the problems that everyone else gets. But I did the fix everything fix like 3 days and I did not own it that long anyway so honestly I don't really notice a difference. I'm s-off and hboot 1.04 plus I'm running JMZ CM9.
  7. euphan1555

    euphan1555 Android Enthusiast

    gratz you need to teach me how to deal with customer service.i tried to just get 6 days of free hotspot i was told they cant.i tried to convince them i should get a free month because of all the problems i have with this phone and they once again said no.i told them point blank they really need to do something it is getting very hard for me to justify sticking with them and what a shock they wouldnt do anything.

    maybe my mistake was dealing with the vm angels and not regular cs.i called them and just said i want a replacement phone and they didnt even try to troubleshoot instead they said no problem and sent me one overnight delivery.i already knew my 4th evo would still have the same problems but what it doesnt have is a big scratch on the camera.might of been dishonest what i did but im already going to lose around $50 when i sell it i didnt want to lose any more because of the scratch.
  8. sounreal

    sounreal Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You have to just be patient and when 1 person does not tell you what you want to hear the next 1 just might if not hang up and call back. I talked to 4 different departments. Before I got what I wanted. I'm not the type of person that will take no for answer. Told them to look over my account notes because I'm tried of explaining my problem.
  9. RichardSeq

    RichardSeq Member

    I had an issues in which I could not send a text message and I tried for 2 months. I decided to try it one last time. By then they decided to check my account and had my account provisioned correctly.

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