I think I just downloaded an app. How can I tell, and how can I run it?

I'm new at this.
I got to a screen that had a checkmark next to the phrase "The app will be downloaded and installed". Ok, when?, I wondered. Is there anything else I need to do? So I waited and waited for it to be downloaded and installed, but this screen never went away, so I closed it. Then I pressed the 4-square button and choose manage apps. I see the icon for the app I downloaded, so I assume it was downloaded and installed. But the only button that was not grayed-out was the uninstall button. How do I put this icon on my main screen, and how do I run the app?



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Firstly what device are you running?

If it installed you should be acle to find it in your app drawer. Thereshould be a button to open your app drawer on the homescreen.


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Thanks for the reply.
I'm running an Android smartphone. On the front of the phone, it says "Virgin Mobile LG"

I don't see any app drawer on my homescreen. The closest I see is a shopping bag icon that says "Play Store". When I press it again gave me the message that "This app will be downloaded and installed", the phrasing suggesting that it has not yet been downloaded and installed. Then I tried it a minute later, and that message was gone. Now it simply says "Installed" and it gives me an open button, so I think my problem is solved. I guess I'm just used to having a progress bar when I download stuff on my computer, or something telling me that it is in the process of downloading and installing rather than a message that says it will. The current message left me wondering when it would be installed: ASAP, or next summer :)

Thanks again! I'm new at this, and it will take some getting used to.


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In order to see the progress of a downloaded app it will show up on my pull down menu on home screen. Or if you open up ur play store and click menu button on phone then select my apps it will show you installed apps or apps that are installing hope this help


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Where did it go????
I downloaded it, it worked fine, but now I can't find it. When I click "manage apps", it's not in the list. So to open it I need to go to the app store, search for it, select install, have it tell me it is already installed, and give me an open button. There has to be an easier way. Where on my phone is it? How can I put it on my home screen??


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If it is a widget app, you may not find the icon in the app drawer. Try to see if it is listed in the Widget apps section.


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the app drawer should look like a square made up of other smaller squares, if you're running Android 2.3, it should be the middle icon on the bottom between the web browser and phone icons. if running 4.x and higher, it will be either on a bottom row of icons with a circle around it, or the upper right hand corner of the screen. if this is a LG Optimus it should have had a little tutorial droid that gave tips when you first turned it on. the first tip usually says something like 'to see all your apps, tap the launcher icon' with the symbol of the proper icon

i am guessing the OP is new to Android, and may have come from an Apple product or BlackBerry product. not every icon or app will be on the home screen or desktop, you have to move them there.

There is a progress bar in Android. when you get the Google Play alert 'this app will be downloaded and installed' hit the back key and it will show you a progress bar of the current download, then go to 'installing [app name]' or, alternatively, you can open the notification area by tapping the top of the screen and while holding your finger down, pulling it downward, thus displaying any active downloads

Being a Virgin Mobile LG, i'm guessing it's an Optimus V, which runs Froyo or Gingerbread