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Root I think I'm ready, but....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pyrplhaze, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. pyrplhaze

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    Jul 25, 2010

    Jul 25, 2010
    ....I still have a few uncertianties concerning this SRE thing...

    First, a little background: Coming from iphone 3g and 3gs that I successfully jailbroke and goofed around with, so this is not a completely new idea to me, but it's an issue of "similar idea, way different application" so, when I had my 2nd captivate (on my 3rd now and things are good) I ran the update.zip that rooted my phone. Never did anything with it, I was more just curious to see how the process worked- to my joy, it was ridiculously simple, but I had no clue what to do with it, so I unrooted and exchanged it hoping to get a phone where the GPS worked (finally did on the 3rd time!)

    Now there's all this other stuff- UTB, SRE, and who knows what else out there that does all kinds of stuff to your phone. I have read and read and read til my eyes bleed and I just have a few more questions that I never really saw a solid answer to:

    1) I have the bone stock ATT rom: when I do *#1234# it tells me I897UCJF6 for everything. Still have the ATT bloatware on it and everything. I've sideloaded a few apps, but that's basically it. QUESTION 1 is- Should I do this SRE version of rooting, are my current apps (with the exception of the bloatware) going to be there, or will they need reinstalling?

    2) Lagfix- I've read that it's optional...and not automatically installed...there are 2 included with SRE, and I've read varying suggestions on which one to install. I am no comp genius, I just want my phone to run a little better. So, which lagfix (if any) should be installed?

    3) overclocking: SRE includes a kernel for a 1.2ghz overclock job...is this something that is automatically installed and requires no adjustment from the user? Is is something I'm gonna need to mess with? If I do need to mess with it, what sort of "messing with it" is required? If I am not some tech guru should I even try this? Once again...I'm kinda "ignant" about that sort of thing

    either way...I feel fairly confident about my abilities, but am slightly hesitant to jump into things. But, eventually I'm gonna have to. I just find it easier to gather as much info as I can before I do anything I'm this unfamiliar with. Hopefully I'm not too much of an annoyance, but my low post count on here is because I've spent so much time reading instead of asking stupid questions...Now it's time for the stupid questions to begin. I'm sure there will be many more once I start this process and perhaps need some advice/assistance along the way.

    Sorry for the long post, but hopefully I knocked out all my questions in one shot. I appreciate any help or advice yall can throw my way.



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