Root I think my Phone just brick?

my phone keeps showing me the RUBIX "opening page".
My phone Bricked right?...:(

Anyone can help me make it recovered?
Please...Please help. me.


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It's not bricked at all, don't worry.

If it's showing the Rubix, it's already past the initial bootloader, your ROM is probably just corrupted.

Did you bootstrap your recovery already? If so, just do a battery pull, put it back, and it will boot into recovery. From their you can reinstall your rom or a system wipe could also solve the problem.

If you haven't bootstrapped yet, you could also try this Boot your Motorola Droid X into recovery mode.

Worst to worst, you'll need to use the SBF file. There's a lot of threads here about that but try the options above first. You should be able to just reinstall your ROM.


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I pulled and put the battery back, but I still shows me the RUBIX with turning rubiks.
Do I have to wait for this long if I install it for the first time?
It just doesnt go to the home?page.(I cannot do anything on this page. phone is technically not on)


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Yes it will take a while (up to 10 minutes I hear although mine took less than 2) but if it is bootlopping (i.e. starting over again and again) then it is definitely not work.

Give it some time. If it doesn't work trying holding home while pressing the power button when turning your X on and seeing if you can get into recovery mode.
BUT...even if it is bootlooping and nothing works, everything is not lost, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to brick a Droid X currently. If it nothing works, just install the 2.2 sbf and you'll be right as rain again with a new stock setup.