Nov 17, 2010
I've had this MyTouch 3G since the summer. I don't really use gmail except for the calendar, so I don't really pay attention to gmail or what's on it, but:

I thought when I bought the phone I was told that all my contacts on my phone would sync with gmail. The benefit being, if I ever lost my phone, I'd still have all my contact info.

Great--well long story short, I looked at gmail today, just to see in fact if all my contact info is there.

The only thing that seems to be there is all my email addresses. There are no phone numbers, which is mainly what I care about backing up.

I looked at my phone, and indeed it looks like everything is set to sync. (Settings>Accounts and Sync>Google, and all the check boxes are checked: Sync Calendar, sync contacts, sync gmail.)

I even created a new contact on my phone, with an email and a phone number, and made the phone "sync now" to gmail-- nothing. The new contact doesn't appear-- not the name, not the email, not the phone number.

Here are my questions:

(1) Is it true that my phone's contact data should back up automatically to my gmail account?

(2) If so, is it true that not just email addresses, but phone numbers and other info should also be appearing in my gmail contact list?

(3) If everything is set the way it should be on the phone--the phone is set to auto-sync, I've told it to sync etc. -- what else might be the problem?

(4) Is there some easy way I can back up my phone's contact data to my computer in the meantime, just to have a back up while I sort this out?