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I type a numeral one, my chacha enters a nine

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gingerdread, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. gingerdread

    gingerdread Lurker
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    Although I had to learn the ropes, and I had a few frustrations, I'm one of the minority who actually really *likes* the chacha. However, this little quirk has me stumped:

    In a few apps, (paypal, which I have to use sideways because it's a portrait oriented app, and also Host Editor, just to name two) my typed numeric characters are mis-entered. If I type a one, three, any number from the numeric portion of the keypad, it enters the wrong number. Is this common? I can't enter PINs, etc. Help! It's rooted w/ superuser.

  2. rejunaid

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    You can Type numeric by hTc chacha's key board in said situation...
    You just press FN Key Once and then press any digit (once), for next digit you have to again press FN key once then press next digit, for next to next digit, you have to press again FN key once then press next to next digit.

    so by this way you can type digits on those application where you cant get exact digit which you press. ;)

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