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I ve worked this out so far- can someone help m with he rest please??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by helpmeusemymobi, May 16, 2010.

  1. helpmeusemymobi

    Thread Starter

    I have managed to download films and convert them to MP 4 mobile phone format on my laptop through reading loads of threads on his website, however Im not entirely sure how to move these films onto my HTC desire? Could anyone tell me how to move these films across to my phone step by step in SIMPLE language????Please dont assume I know anything I REALLY DO NEED THE OBVIOUS POINTED OUT!!!! Thanks in advance

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  2. @ndrew

    @ndrew Member

    1 - Plug your Desire into the USB cable that you use for charging
    2 - Plug other end of USB cable into your laptop
    3 - Your Desire should then display a series of options
    4 - Selet option 3 "Disk Drive" then "Done"
    5 - Your Laptop should then recognise your Desire like an extenal hard drive
    6 - Right-click on movies you want on your Desire and click "copy"
    7 - Double-click on "my computer" or "windows button then computer" on your laptop
    8 - Double-click on "removable disk"
    9 - This now lists all that is on your SD card which is located in you Desire (if you have one!)
    10 - Double click on "DCIM" folder
    11 - Double click on "Camera"
    12 - Right-click in the camera folder and click "paste"

    Your video should then be displayed in the folder.

    If you then press the "pictures" icon on your Desire you should see the movie to play.

    Hope this helps

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