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I wanna start over :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tracii_amazinggg, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    Alright, forgive me for the paragraph guys, and I'm new here and not quite sure of where to post this so feel free to move it for me if need be.

    Soooo here's my issues.

    Ok, I know the Hero is having sms bugs (grouping together all under one name, ect). and that sucks. I can deal with it though, praying that updates or 2.1 or something will fix it soon. Any comments here?

    It's also slow now... It was fast for the first week or so but now it lags a little. I've tried to keep my number of apps down... speaking of apps, is there any way to delete the stock ones? NASCAR and NFL ugggghhhhhhhh

    Before I actually joined, I cruised around here looking for at least a little advice. I just installed Handcent yesterday and I havent yet figured out how to turn off the stock sms program and just leave it at Handcent, but then again I forgot to go back and read more. ha, oops.

    Now this is where I come into the problem with the Bank of America sms alerts. I cant find where I saw threads about those on here before, but using Handcent, all my sms come in as BoA. I cant just reply to them or it'll text the bank. what the hell. I've already had these alerts turned off for a couple weeks now, but I remember somewhere someone saying that the BoA alerts were somehow corrupting something in the phone??? dont quote me here... and so now i still get sms from other ppl labeled as BoA even though i havent gotten anything from the real BoA in weeks.

    How can I fix this?? Is there a way to sort of reset the phone back to factory settings? or... idk... I'll take any recommendations at this point.
    Just tell me what to do.. I wanna start over!!


  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    BoA alerts is the culprits for your threading problems in your SMS messages. Turn off your text alerts and have them sent to your gmail instead.

    Do a factor reset on your phone since you haven't had it long. Also your slowness is an app you installed or a widget you are using.

    Good Luck!
  3. DanDroid

    DanDroid Well-Known Member

    Settings --> Security --> Factory Data Reset
  4. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    Sometimes starting over is the best thing. I like the default sms program, never had a single issue with it.

    I recommend installing only one app at at time. Use it for a few days before installing more. Especially if you are replacing the default apps. If you do that, you will know what is causing your phone to slow down and you can easily fix it.

    Good luck!

    Currently at 185 Hours of Uptime and my Hero is as snappy as the day I unboxed it.
  5. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys :) yeah I'm gonna try and backup my contacts so I can do a factory reset.
    I'll let yall know how it goes!
  6. romeosidvicious

    romeosidvicious Android Enthusiast

    Your contacts should already be backed up to your GMail account...
  7. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    ...this is true, lol. I'll have to check on that and make sure, I havent looked yet.
    I almost never use my gmail account. Thanks for the reminder!
  8. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    Okay, update
    uhhh I was trying to sync my phone to my laptop (w/ win7) and i got HTC Sync installed and left it open but when I plug the phone in, my laptop recognizes the usb mass storage phone and the phone sees that its plugged in to a laptop
    but it wont recognize its supposed to sync?
    on my phone i click "sync now" and it says it cant find HTC Sync on the computer??? what the hell. is it win7??
  9. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Sync doesn't work w/ 7. There is a work around to get it to work, try googling it.
  10. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    yeah, i found it a little while ago and have everything set up now.
    thanks yall!

    hard reset is done, now lets see if i can get my contacts back on the phone from gmail.

    then hopefully this bankofamerica text issue will be solved! :D
  11. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    Okay I'm going through all kinds of sync threads and none of the advice I'm seeing is helping me....

    After resetting my phone, all that trouble I went to setting up HTC Sync with Win7 is lost and it doesnt recognize anything anymore. lol why didn't I think of that...

    How the hell can I send my contacts back to my phone?
    If there's an option for it on gmail (from my laptop) then maybe I'm not seeing it... and I dont see one anywhere on my phone.

    Gah why is this all so hard, lol :/
  12. Snarky30

    Snarky30 Newbie

    Settings then Data synchronization then click on google. Make sure that contacts is checked for syncing. You can also unchecked the auto-sync box and then click contacts to sync them.
  13. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    I've done that a few times now and it still doesnt do anything...

    Ugh I'm just about to enter them all again myself.
    I'm just glad my texting issue is fixed. :) ........i think
  14. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Enter them on your computer under yoyr gmail contacts... it'll be easier and faster.
  15. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    They're all already in my gmail contacts.
    & I've done Snarky's steps more than a couple times, to no avail.
  16. Byrdman

    Byrdman Newbie

    Can you tell me how to do that?

    Sorry for the hijak...
  17. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch!

    Export from your contacts in CSV (Windows) format, save it on you hard drive, then import it from your computer to Gmail.
  18. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    well i gave up and spent like a good hour or two entering all my contacts back in my phone myself. booo

    i think that might have been the only way for me to do it, in my situation- i just installed Win7 recently so i dont have any of the microsoft programs or anything yet (i was told .csv is excel right?)

    oh well. problem solved more or less. whatever

    thanks for everyone's help :)
  19. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch!

    CSV is comma seperated values, there is a DOS and Windows version. As long as you have Outlook or Outlook Express you can save it that way, not sure about Windows Live Mail.
  20. tracii_amazinggg

    Thread Starter

    Ahh, I gotcha. Thank you! :)

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