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I want a Note - a few questions for owners

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by candroid11, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. candroid11

    candroid11 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am interested in upgrading from my Nexus S to a Note. I love big screens, and some of the functionality also seems useful to me. I will be starting a Masters program in September. As a student I have been interested in getting a tablet for the functionality of it, but I don't really want both a phone and a tablet, plus a laptop. I am intrigued by the Note because it seems large enough to be suitable as a tablet, while still acting as a phone. As owners, would you guys say that the Note is completely suitable for your needs? Is that screen big enough to be suitable as a tablet? I am mainly interested in using it for reading (ebooks and pdfs) and possibly note taking with the s pen. Do you think the Note can deliver on these needs? I'm also wondering if the Note allows the user to write notes with the s pen over top of a pdf document or ebook, and if these notes can be saved to the document permanently.

    Any recommendation on carriers in Canada? I would have to switch since Koodo doesn't offer the note. I would naturally go to Telus since they own Koodo and it would be easy to switch over, but if another company would be better, feel free to say.

    Also, has there been an announcement about when the Note will be getting the ICS upgrade? It will feel sucky to downgrade back to gingerbread.

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  2. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    1. I have a 7" Archos 70it tablet that is barely used now because I enjoy my Note that much.
    2. You can use it as reader nicely. You can even hold the s-pen button, long touch any screen with it to initiate screen capture, and annotate the captured image with the s-pen afterward. You can not use it on the source documents though, CMIIW.
    3. ICS is coming in this quarter with several premium apps in tow for free :)
  3. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    You can read stuff great on the Note.

    Wouldn't recommend trying to seriously use it to make lecture notes on though. Far too small a screen and the s-pen is occasionally a bit flaky. Good for shopping lists, great for image editing with apps like PicsArt, TouchRetouch, etc. I did a birthday card cutting and clipping photos for my wife that would have taken just ages on a laptop, the s-pen is brilliant for stuff like that. But not for doing tons of writing.

    Maybe the premium upgrade will add quite a bit though - so my opinion might change. :)
  4. Kamau

    Kamau Android Expert

    Do yourself a favor and invest in a tablet if school is your main concern.
  5. droidcentric

    droidcentric Well-Known Member

    Books and PDF files are usually locked so without a special application to create overlays within the documents this is not possible. What the note does in it own native app is make an image copy of the page or whatever you write on. About the only way to put notes into books is to use the Nook application and Quickoffice Pro will allow you to place notations in PDF.
  6. frdmspoplr

    frdmspoplr Well-Known Member

    I know you don't want 2 devices, but IMO, if it works well enough, I think the Note 10.1 coming out in the near future would be brilliant for notetaking.
  7. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    Samsung apps provide iAnnotate Lite - a free pdf annotator.
  8. TheBomb

    TheBomb Lurker

    I'm a student as well and also thought about what you're thinking as I bring a netbook to school with me. Thought of hooking up a flexible keyboard to the Note to make things lighter on the go and to show off what the note can do (never tried it but saw online that it can be done). But I must say that I didn't push through with it as there are just many things that make it a bit difficult to do on a small device. For word processing its fine but if you want to do spreadsheets you normally want more real estate, plus you can't do all the good stuff on presentations. But its still doable if you want to sync and convert to office files if you want to. I just don't like double handling, if my mind goes off typing and finishing ideas then that's homework's done even while in class (well maybe a little fine tuning before printing). But yeah would still do try and do it if I wasn't finishing up in 3 months.
  9. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    Does it work well? Can I highlight sentences with different colors, drop notes on it and save it as a separate file? Don't want to mess with the original pdf.
  10. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert

    I sold my Galaxy tab 10.1 as it became redundant when I upgraded from S2 to Note. Now its got ICS its the dogs danglies
  11. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    Im on vodafone. Mine comes on tues, have they upgraded it to ics already then?
  12. mpw

    mpw Android Expert

    yup, no holding Samsung back, chomping at the bit their upgrade dept.. Like hungry dogs they are.

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