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I want my vibrate back !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Joewoowoo, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ever since recieving froyo 2.2 I do not have the option to put my phones notifications on vibrate or have a ringer with vibrate , wtf ? anyone have a fix for this or a app that will correct this ?

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  2. mrthundercleese

    mrthundercleese Well-Known Member

    The configurations were changed in 2.2.

    Check Settings->Sound->Vibrate. It might be set to never. You still might not like what you end up with after changing the config. It's different than it was prior to 2.2. There are a bunch of threads on this topic floating around.
  3. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have it on always , what I want and need is my phone to vibrate when recieving a text , anyone ?????????
  4. DTM

    DTM Newbie

    The only way I've been able to get the phone to vibrate at all is to have it set to always vibrate. When it's set to always vibrate the phone vibrates for text, email and calls.

    I've tried the setting only when in silent mode, and it just won't vibrate. I've also tried the setting only when not in silent mode, and that doesn't work either.
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  5. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So what your saying is , your phone will vibrate on a text message but only in conjunction with a ringtone , your phone does not only vibrate when you get a text WITHOUT a sound ringtone. Is this correct DTM ?
  6. DTM

    DTM Newbie

    That's correct. I have tried every configuration I can imagine to get my phone to vibrate without a ringtone, but it just won't do it.
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  7. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thats what is happening to me , I guess google or verizon disabled the option to have just vibrate , what idiots !
    Thanks DTM
  8. DTM

    DTM Newbie

    Now there are supposed to be some apps to do what you want, but I wasn't interested in having to download an app to regain functionality.

    But now since I got the new OTA yesterday my gps is hosed. I love it when the updates just keep making the phone worse and worse.
  9. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have searched for apps that would give me my just vibrate back for notifications to no avail. Yes updates are begining to suck. I look at it like this they should add to your phone but never take away. the OTA should have a checklist on what new features you want to install and what features you dont want to install. uggg I should just root. but im a wusswhen it comes to that.
  10. droidosis

    droidosis Well-Known Member

    Search market for "ring toggle"

    It will do what you want.

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  11. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ring toggle is exactly what I want , thanks droidosis !
  12. DTM

    DTM Newbie

    Glad you found something to help. I still have issues with having to download an app to replace lost functionality. Updates should be making the phone better not worse.
  13. memphiskat

    memphiskat Newbie

    I have used ring toggle but I found Beautiful Widgets' Vibrate widget better because one button press gets me vibrate only and gives me an easier to see visual indication that I'm in that mode.

    HOWEREVER, since the update I can't get get it to vibrate for email no matter how I have the settings in the email program. WAIT, JUST VIBRATED FOR EMAIL WITH RING TOGGLE. I'll have to check Beautiful Widgets again.....
  14. antwonjenkins

    antwonjenkins Member

    Volume Control app in the marketplace should fix it too. When you open the app it has some sliders for ringer, notifications, system, etc. BUT next to the ringer & notification sliders are little phone icons you can click that will turn on or off vibrations for those fuctions. also can set presets and stuff. haven't tried Ring Toggle but w/ Volume Control I have no need to. hope it helps.
  15. memphiskat

    memphiskat Newbie

    I was mistaken, BW's Vibrate widget vibrates for calls, te"xts, and EMAIL.
  16. publicanimal

    publicanimal Android Enthusiast

    Hey guys, figured this one out without needing to download any apps.

    For setting it to vibrate when you receive texts:
    Open messaging app, then go to Menu > Settings > Notification Settings > Vibrate
    and you have settings for Always, Only when silent, and Never

    For setting it to vibrate when you receive emails in Gmail:
    Open Gmail, then go to Menu > Settings > Vibrate

    This had been bugging me for a while. Hope this helps someone.
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  17. DTM

    DTM Newbie

    Yep done all those settings and still the only way to get it to vibrate is to use the ALWAYS option. The only when silent doesn't work on any setting anywhere.
  18. publicanimal

    publicanimal Android Enthusiast

    Weird, it worked perfectly for me. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough above, these are NOT found in the system settings. They are in the settings for the Messaging and Gmail apps, respectively.
  19. cranky_dan

    cranky_dan Well-Known Member

    I use Handcent and I have the same problem...no vibrate on txt receipt. At the Handcent forum, there are a number of bug requests for this, but it looks like it's an Android problem.

    Anyhow, at their forum, someone pointed me to a workaround that does work. A free app, Audio Manager, in the market. Just make sure the 'vibrate' box above the alerts volume bar has a check in the box.

    Good luck,
  20. DTM

    DTM Newbie

    I have issues with having to download an app so my phone can do something it was doing before this last update.
  21. ricksievers

    ricksievers Android Enthusiast

    I have my phone set in the settings to "Vibrate always" and if I lower my volume all the way down it will vibrate only for notifications or ring and vibrate.
  22. cranky_dan

    cranky_dan Well-Known Member

    Me too. But rather than stamp my foot stubbornly and wait for them to fix it, I need the functionality.

    And for soem reason, others in this thread have a workaround by setting 'vibrate always,' I *always* run my phone at vibrate always and this workaround does nothing for me.

    Good luck
  23. ricksievers

    ricksievers Android Enthusiast

    I dont see what the problem is here, What does everyone want the phone to do? My phone is set to ring and vibrate when someone calls, or I can just lower the volume on the rocker switch to just vibrate. What do you want your phone to do exactly?
  24. N2o

    N2o Newbie

    Here's a use case:

    (Prior to 2.2) here's my daily routine...

    When I am working during the day, I'd always have my phone in vibrate (no ringer, no beeps, just the buzz).

    When I leave work, I turn the sounds on (with vibrate).

    At night when I sleep, I don't want to be bothered by email notifications and the occasional drunk text or dial, so I put my phone in silent mode.

    All of this was achieved by sliding my volume buttons down to the appropriate setting.

    (Since 2.2)...

    You can still do this, but its more than a simple button press. You have to go into the settings, enable "vibrate only when not in silent mode" (which actually removes the Vibrate Only mode from the volume slider) and put the phone into silent mode.

    If you want to have a Vibrate Only mode, you have to go back into your sound settings and select "Always" or "Only when in silent mode" -- Notice this removes the Silent Mode from the volume buttons.

    It's an either or case now. Here's a simpler explaination:

    Before 2.2 (Pressing volume buttons)

    [Ringer Max - Min]

    After 2.2:

    [Ringer Max-Min]
    [Vibrate OR Silent]

    That is annoying as hell.

    Who the F wants to go into settings, mess with dropdowns just to shut your phone up or enable vibrate? And why the hell should I now have to download an application or series of applications to control basic sound state functionality?

    Being a software developer by day, its stupid problems like this that really make me angry.

  25. Cuda13

    Cuda13 Member

    I had the same problem. I have Beautiful Widgets and put the Beautiful Vibrate button on my home screen so when I want to quickly go to vibrate or ring I just hit the button.

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