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Apps I want to build an app(android) and website that retrieves contents from the app.?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by willmottc, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. willmottc

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    Feb 17, 2011

    Feb 17, 2011
    ok so i got this crazy idea after seeing my poor peers who were incharge of editing the school year book so they needed good pictures and guess what there are no good pictures. so while i was walking to my skul i got struck by this idea . why not build a android/apple app since most of the ppl have it , that uploads pic taken instantly like in one click to the calendar , any simple digital online calendar as for example google calendar but i want my own calendar as like only one calendar on which if clicked the date will show all the photos taken on that day. and this will upload live.. i mean instantly. how do i say this , let say i want to make a timemachine for my sckul ..that means if a freshman enters in and when he is ready to graduate he will be atleast have a picture per year ..this will enable not only photos from past but aslo how he changed physically i mean high skul is all about loooks (if m not wrong) .... they can go back in time(skul environment) and check how they looked 4 years ago in the skul .. so thats my weird solution to the pictures mangement for my skul.

    now i need to start from scratch i m learning how to create android app and learnig php i know u can pay them and will save time . but i will have to learn some computer language eventually .. as i will pursue career in IT field. i want some expertise's help but anything will help.
    1)way to create the app which will connect to the website server and upload pics ..whatever..
    2)best and starter web hosting services.

    i hope i stated what my mind is tryin to figure out .. i am total newbie... so any help will b appreciated....

    m purchasing the copyright just in case :p .......


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