Help i want to debrand, flash latest firmware and root


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Hello guys, i currently have an o2 unlocked sgs2 using vodafone sim. i would like to debrand, root and flash the latest firmware.

if i debrand will that mean i can flash the stock firmware?

and also what is the correct order to carry out these 3 things?


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I could totally be wrong, but i believe you most likely want to;

1) Update firmware
2) Root the stock firmware (voids warranty, but needed to get SuperUser 'Root' access to the Operating System)
3) Debrand - Use a half decent file manager to get rid of the bloatware from your carrier, along with any other unwanted apps (which you will need Root Access and SU permissions to do. IE try uninstalling youtube, it wont unless you have rooted phone ;) )


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Doesnt flashing with custom firmware debrand the phone already?

Yea but id of thought you'd root first, and use the recovery to make a nand backup, and then apply your custom rom, and even custom roms come with crap you dont want, and you still need root access to remove that.

I always flash an original firmware, then the rooted PDA, then use recovery to apply my custom rom, in that order, just makes sense to me i guess, clean install from the start, ive had issues with trying to slap one custom rom over the top of another before.