Jul 16, 2010
I am thoroughly confused.

I would like to disable the startup sound that TMobile has forced on me since the 2.2 update.

There are two files I can see in my ASTRO file manager:
I suspect if I delete them or rename the extensions, my phone will be silent when it powers on.

When I try to do either of those activities, ASTRO tells me I have "insufficient permissions".

I was told that rooting would allow me to do this.

So I installed Super One Click. When I launch it and select "Root", I get the "Superuser" icon on my phone. When I select "Yes, run a test" I get a message "Your device has been rooted!" - Based on that, I'm presuming I've rooted my device.

When I launch Superuser on the phone, I get a black screen with three tabs across the top: "Apps", "Log", and "Settings".

Naturally, I have "No apps in list".

And, I also have NO IDEA what to do now!!!! I still can't make any changes in ASTRO, if I mount the SD and look at the phone in Windows, I don't see the "system" directory...

What to do, what to do??!?!???!?

I know I'm missing something simple here, I don't know what.

Thanks, folks.
Try re-installing Astro. Then hopefully it will ask you for superuser permission. If it doesn't, then download Root Explorer. You will be able to use that to delete those files. As to whether or not you will mess something up by doing that, I couldn't tell you, but you can do it. The other option is to install a custom ROM. Bionix V is based on the official 2.2 for Vibrant and has no boot sound whatsoever. You will also get the benefits of EXT4, as well as the ability to run without touchwiz.
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Wow I feel like the dog in that Far Side cartoon... I heard "Reinstall Astro bzzz bzzz bzzzz bzzzz 2.2 bzzzz bzzzz bzzz"! I guess I AM old.

OK, here's what I think I read:

1) Rooting alone won't do it, I need an additional app - Root Explorer
2) I have an option to, instead, wipe T-Mobile's system overlay and install my own
3) That alternate system overlay is the Bionix ROM
4) Installing Bionix will still look and feel like the setup I have (i.e., the seven home screens with icons and widgets I can add as I like)

a) I presume Bionix is totes safe
b) And undoable
c) What the what is EXT4?

Will definitely try reinstalling Astro first.

Thanks for the help!

(If I install Bionix, will that help with my pisspoor battery life?)

I'm not entirely sure what totes is, but for now I will say "sure, why not?"
It is not undoable. You happen to have one of the easiest to recover devices on the market. EXT4 is a file writing system that will allow your device to perform faster (eliminating lag)
And as for the battery life, mine is significantly better with most custom ROMs over stock. If you would like some more information on any of this, by all means, don't hesitate to ask.
"Totes" is what all the hipsters say when they want to say "totally".

You say it's not undoable, BUT also the Galaxy is "eas[y] to recover".


(btw, un- and re-installing Astro did not help).


Ah. Well then yes. Bionix is safe. Un-doing everything is relatively simple. You will need to download a program calld ODIN. Then you will need the restore files (usually available in the same place you get the program.) Then you boot your phone in to download mode, plug in, and flash to stock. Then you can use Kies to update to the most current stock firmware. Though I have a feeling once you start with custom ROMs you will not want to do any of this unless you brick your phone. Then, in which case, you will need to do this to get everything running again. I have been doing this awhile, and never had to ODIN back to stock for anything.
Will probably try that tomorrow. Did a factory reset on the phone and still not impressed with battery life.

Or I may just try root explorer to get rid of that startup sound... Can't decide which will cause me less pain and suffering.

Thanks for your help.
I finally had enough with the stock 2.2 and went back to flashing Axura. Now i have it set up the way i want it with my boot animatioons for startup and shutdown with no noise and it is faster again.
What version Axura are you running? I went back to 2.2.6 because 2.2.9 seemed sluggish to me. Did you have that issue?
What version Axura are you running? I went back to 2.2.6 because 2.2.9 seemed sluggish to me. Did you have that issue?

Yeah me too. I'm also using 2.2.6, that one worked great for me. The others don't have the battery mod either and I had the black and blues theme saved for it. I never even tried 2.2.9, saw too many issues with it. JL5 really works well for me too. Fastest one I've used so far. Not going to upgrade til it getstje battery mid with the numbers in it.