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i want to root, im on leak v3.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chaM87, May 17, 2010.

  1. chaM87

    chaM87 Member
    Thread Starter

    my only problem with the phone is that it lags when i type on stock keyboard. i need root to overclock so i can text without lag. someone help me root my shit and overclock that muddafukka.

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  2. Erispimp

    Erispimp Lurker

    No root yet for v3
  3. Zerox8610

    Zerox8610 Newbie

    That sucks. Next time dont upgrade until you know exactly what you're doing to yourself.
  4. chaM87

    chaM87 Member
    Thread Starter

    Tell me about it man. I wont ever use my Eris again once I get my EVO that is. In fact I will probably end up recording a video in which I will "test" the durability of my Eris. I will of course be recording this video on my 720dpi camcorder. LOL.
  5. LexusBrian400

    LexusBrian400 Android Enthusiast

    Very helpful and informative!!


    Captain Obvious
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